From the will of John Gwatkin of Bryngwyn, 1706-1780

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Welcome to the Gwatkin one-name study. This website contains information about those with the surname Gwatkin, Gwatkins, Gwatking, and Gwatkyns, and information about those connected to through marriage, adoption, or other significant relationships. We always welcome new information, documents, or pictures, and are happy to share the information we have with anyone who is interested. If you request a login name for the website, please include information about your particular interests. The website receives many 'fake' applications for membership; if you add a sentence about your interests, I can tell that you are interested in the Gwatkins, rather than attempting to sell things or scam someone.

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feature 1 Origin of the Gwatkin names For those curious about the meaning and early use of the Gwatkin names

feature 2 Finding Gwatkin information Information about using the Gwatkin one-name study and this website, including a list of some Gwatkin family trees

feature 3 Finding living Gwatkins Looking for Ken Gwatkins and his partner Beryl. Sheila, who worked with Ken during the 1970ís in Hampshire, England, before Ken & Beryl moved to Australia, would love to make contact with them.†Email the Gwatkin one-name study through the 'contact us' link below and I will put you in contact with each other.

feature 4 Contacts and Contributors Those who have offered support or information to the Gwatkin one-name study, and their relationship to Gwatkins on this website

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